Perfume announces 5th album 「LEVEL 3」 and new Tokyo Dome live ! ! !

level 3After the Perfume FES!! date with MAXIMUM THE HORMONE, our girls held the already announced live broadcast exclusive to the P.T.A. members. Everyone was waiting for an hour broadcast with some informations, but no… it’s been five minutes, of pure joy.

Indeed, Perfume just announced their new studio album called 「LEVEL 3」 !!!

There are no more infos about the 5th Perfume studio album, besides the fact that the tracks have been already recorded and that it might e ready in the next months. You can see the font used for the album in the screenshot down here, that shows a futuristic-like style.

level 3_______________________________________________________________________

But it’s not over here! Cause they also announced four Dome dates in December, that will see our girls performing at the Kyo-sera Dome in Osaka on December 7 and 8, and once again at the TOKYO DOME on December 24 and 25!!!


These are absolutely great news, and I can’t personally wait to see what our girls have in store for us!

Get ready guys, this year is gonna be intense for all of us Perfume fans! :D

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