Perfume announces release date for「LEVEL3」and unveils new Chocola BB CM featuring new song「Party Maker」! ! !

bbIt’s been announced just minutes ago that the new and long awaited Perfume album LEVEL3 will be released on October 2nd!!!

This makes all the expectations of the fans for the album to come out this October true, plus, part of the setlist and the prices for the album, that will come in two editions as usual (Regular and Limited) have been unveiled as well.


[PRICES - Click to pre-order]

*LEVEL3 Limited Edition (CD+DVD) UPCP-9005 ¥3,900 (tax in) [cover yet to be revealed]
LEVEL3 Regular Edition (CD only) UPCP-1001 ¥3,059 (tax in) [cover yet to be revealed]

* There will be three different slipcases for the Limited Edition, each one of a different color/pattern, while the cover art will be the same. The color can’t be chosen, so if you pre-order your album online, you will get a random slipcase color.


- Spring of Life
- Spending all my time
- Mirai no Museum
- Magic of Love
- Party Maker (new song featured in the Chocola BB CM)


Basically, all the singles’ A-sides will be there as expected, plus the new song featured in the new Chocola BB CM called Party Maker will be there as well, which also confirms there will be no more singles before the release of LEVEL3.

It’s also been announced through the Perfume Official Facebook page that LEVEL3 will also have a global release! This could mean that the European countries our girls visited for the World Tour 2nd will see the new album in stores, like happened with the World Tour 1st countries, but it’s just speculation for the moment. The release date for the Western market has yet to be decided, and it’ll be announced in the future.

But it’s not over here, cause the already mentioned Chocola BB CM is ready and viewable on the company website, featuring ten (or so) seconds of the new Perfume song Party Maker! You can watch and listen to the new PV RIGHT HERE on the Chocola BB website.


Party Maker definitely sounds similar to what we’ve heard for Spending all my Time, including synths and slightly different processed vocals. It actually sounds pretty catchy, but don’t forget, CM previews are always tricky, so be sure to wait for the full song to build a final judgement. ;)

That was everything for this exciting overload of news guys! What do you think about the new CM and song Party Maker? Will you buy the new Perfume album LEVEL3 on October 2nd? Leave your impressions down here in the comments! ;)


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