Perfume World Tour 1st reaches the end in Singapore, and new song 「Mirai no Museum」 announced!

The day has come, and today at the *SCAPE venue in Singapore the Perfume World Tour 1st, that brought our favorite girls in four countries in Asia, finally reached its end with a successful show that made every Perfume fan from Singapore and the near countries jump and scream like crazy as always.

The show has been terrific and finally, now that the tour is over, here’s the tracklist that some of you guys waited to know for a long time!


Perfume World Tour 1st live @ *SCAPE, Singapore:

- Opening – Global Site choreography
Computer City
Electro World
- M.C.
Laser Beam
Spending all my time
love the world
- Interlude
edge (⊿-mix)
Secret Secret
- M.C.
Dream Fighter
- P.T.A. Corner
Chocolate Disco (2012-mix)


- M.C.
Spring of Life
Kokoro no Sports
- Guest appearance by Doraemon: “Mirai no Musuem” announcement.


Surprise! During the encore, just after Kokoro no Sports was performed Doraemon (yes DORAEMON) made his appearance on the stage to announce together with our girls that the next Perfume song called 「Mirai no Museum」 (literally The Museum of the Future) will be the the Theme Song for the new Doreamon movie called Nobita no Himitsu no Dougu Hakubutsukan set to be released on March 9th 2013!

Perfume x Doraemon!

We still don’t know more about it yet, besides that this new song will be included in a new single coming out during spring 2013 as confirmed by the Perfume Official Website, meaning that we won’t have any new Perfume song until the new year begins. We all hope to have more informations about it soon!

As for the show, everything went great as always, and all the fans have been overwhelmed with a great and professional performance, with the usual mix of old and new song and the great involvement of the audience. Also, the concert was streamed in 60 theatres in Japan and in Taiwan as well! :)

Perfume live @ *SCAPE venue in Singapore.

That’s it guys, the first overseas tour of our beloved girls has ended, conquering four countries in Asia with sold out shows and beautiful performances! I hope some of you had the chance to see them live in this amazing tour and had a lot of fun. :)


So, now that the World Tour 1st is over… what’s in store for the future of Perfume? A World Tour 2nd? A new single? New activities and collaborations?

Only time will tell… until that moment, stay tuned on Perfume Disco for every update about our girls and their music!

Looking forward to conquer the world!


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    8 thoughts on “Perfume World Tour 1st reaches the end in Singapore, and new song 「Mirai no Museum」 announced!

    1. Nice set list…but I was hoping for wonder 2 as a closer as its become some what of an
      evergreen in the perfume community

    2. This is rather exciting news though an odd venue to announce it I’d say. But if you think about it also a giant leap for our girls into the massive audience and world of anime. I hope this movie gets brought over to America so I can get it. :)
      Amazing job on everything girls!! You’ve become so huge, we’re all so proud of you!! :D
      Next has to be the states! … I hope, but I see Europe or South America as probably being the better venue when it comes to accepting Asian music.

    3. Don’t really know what to say about about the new song’s title. I guess, I just leave it as it is and wait for more information to be released, like… much more information.

    4. Their concert was full of awesome! Glad they played electro world and computer city.
      Glad that they can take a break.. They earned it =]
      Perfume World Domination 1st Phase complete!

    5. Nice post!
      I go to Singapore 1st time in my life for this concert. I really really enjoy it!

      I think I prefer to use “GLITTER’ song next time. :D

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