Release Date: April 6th 2016 Format: CD Number of Editions (3): Regular Edition (CD only), Limited Edition (2CD + DVD), Limited Edition (2CDs + Blu-Ray) Right after the astonishing Dome Tour in 2013, many were starting to wonder how long Perfume would have continued their career after all these years and milestones proudly achieved. Indeed, the three girls from Hiroshima […]

Perfume announce new album “COSMIC EXPLORER”, National Tour and U.S. Tour!


On yesterday’s classic Valentine’s Day P.T.A/WPTA streaming featuring our three girls (and, sometimes, an honestly annoying Haruna) lots of great news have been announced, for what has probably been the richest Fan Club steaming ever in terms of announcements. Indeed, Perfume finally unveiled the identity of their long awaited 6th Studio Album: It’s titled COSMIC EXPLORER, and it’s set to […]

Perfume’s new song “FLASH” announced: is a new Album or Single on the way?


After the unveiling of a new track titled Next Stage with You for the Mercedes-Benz A-Class tie-in, yet another Perfume song was announced yesterday, a theme for the CHIHAYAFURU movie adaptation titled FLASH! There’s a short snippet of this new track lying around the web, and you can listen to it here. For what it’s possible to hear it sounds pretty cool, […]

Perfume team up with Mercedes Benz, new song “Next Stage with YOU” confirmed!


If you’re following my Perfume Disco Blog Facebook page, you’ve surely noticed there were rumors floating around the web yesterday on a new Perfume tie-in with Mercedes Benz, with various pics proving evidence of the new collaboration: This morning, the Perfume x Mercedes Benz A-Class tie-in has been finally confirmed, and boy, it looks good! First off, I think it’s […]